It is safe to assume that many people missed parties during the worst days of the Pandemic. We also missed them, so it was this year’s highlight to be able to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of our company.

It was nice to see each other, to smile at each other, and to spend a great time together. As you can imagine, there was a lot of catch up to be made.

And, after an entertaining speech, we all went to toast for a successful year. We also toasted for health, friendship, and USS.

As a final touch, we couldn’t miss the famous “rooftop pic”. This has already become a memory we all value and we are hoping to repeat it as soon as possible.

We believe it is pretty obvious why people love parties. They are fun. But besides being fun, they are great for bonding and for maintaining an overall happy vibe.

If you want to join USS for the next party, come and join our team: We are eager to meet you and to have you in our next “rooftop pic”