Iuliana Stoica
Managing Director & Unit Manager
Iuliana joined UNIQA Software Services in 2011 as a Resource Coordinator, being appointed one year later the Team Leader of the Enterprise Content Management department, which she led with passion and commitment. In 2014 Iuliana became the Group Leader of the BPMS & DMS team of software engineers, additionally overtaking in 2016 the Managing Director position with great enthusiasm.

Michael Kriebernegg
Managing Director
Michael Kriebernegg is an experienced IT Manager and has held leadership position in Financial Services firms and other industries for many years. Beyond his engagement as Managing Director in Uniqa Software Services he leads the FrontEnd, Integration & Automation Solutions Team in UITS.

Virgil Timoc
Unit Manager

Virgil started with the company in April 2006, as it was founded, and worked as a Java web developer.

In 2007 he became Team Leader of a Java development team and he later expanded his team up to 27 people. Besides that he is also responsible for the company’s technical infrastructure.

Raul Sabău
Unit Manager
Raul has joined us in April 2014, first as a Business Analyst in the DMS team, and he later became a Project Manager. He has grown within the company, as a Business Analyst and now as a Project Manager and Unit Manager, working closely with many stakeholders from Austria, Romania and UNIQA International, as well as outside stakeholders like Raiffeisen-Informatik and others.

Raluca Mag
Unit Manager
Raluca joined the company in 2017, after previously working for a Recruitment & Training company. She started as a Talent Manager, being responsible of the HR area. Beginning with January 2020 she also took over the role of Unit Manager, coordinating the local Quality Management & Training Team.
Besides her main responsibilities which include recruiting and hiring people, Raluca also leads the company’s Branding Team and loves organising internal events.

Alexandru Scridon
Unit Manager
Starting as a COBOL developer in 2006, Alex rapidly advanced as a Team Leader of the Back-Office team (COBOL, Natural, SAP). In 2014 Alex was appointed as local Unit Manager and ADM Policy Admin 1.2 Group Leader. In 2016 Alex also took over the Group Leader position of the ADM – DMS team. Starting with 2020 Alex gave up all his previous teams and took over a new challenge in the Integration & Automation area, where he leads the newly formed solution team around the SAG – webMethods platform.

Emilia-Mina Scridon
Unit Manager

Mina joined the company in 2010 and had the opportunity of experiencing several jobs like Team Leader, Resource Coordinator and Resource Manager. All roles challenged her to work closely with different teams of the company and fuelled her passion for planning and problem solving. As of May 2021 she also takes over the role as Unit Manager.