People of USS

We’re here for each other, and we’re here for the community too.Our team members work the way they want. We offer a very flexible daily work schedule, with just four hours a day core time and no mandatory lunch break.

 We have an open, inclusive company culture and a ‘flat’ organizational hierarchy. Every employee can play a part in making critical decisions that affect the whole team, both through employee representatives and on their own behalf.  All managers have an ‘open door’ policy, and are available to chat any time. Every team member has direct access to management.

 There are plenty of company initiatives to get involved with, including internships, corporate events and brand-building, plus many opportunities to build new skills through training and gain industry-standard qualifications. 

Employee Testimonials

Florentina Lorena Bob

Process Portofolio Controller

USS? For me, a place filled with opportunities, challenges, and the freedom to get involved in topics that I find interesting.

The Team? Incredible people with different backgrounds, opinions, and working styles. They help me grow and develop my skills every day.

The Work? Complex, demanding, fun, engaging, from home office, from the office, sometimes long hours, other times short Fridays, but like many things in my life, at the end of the day, so rewarding.

Razvan Hinda

PEGA Developer

UNIQA Software Services is the company in which I developed most as an IT professional.
The opportunities given in working on different projects, the support offered in learning new
technologies and the flexible work schedule perfectly match my dynamic personality type.

Tiberiu Benedek

Solution Architect

I started working for Syntegra then “moved” to URSS and now I am a proud employee at USS. A lot of changes in the last 14 years but one constant remains: durable balance between professional development, financial stability and personal life

Norbert Szabo

Senior Java Developer

The first word that comes to my mind when I am thinking about UNIQA Software Service is the „stability”. Over the years, USS has proven countless times that it is very strong and keeps pace with the challenges of a changing world.
I have been working in this company for over ten years, and I was involved in a lot of interesting and challenging projects together with so many professional people which gave me a lot of valuable experience and helped me to develop my professional skills.
I am very happy to be part of this organization that treats its employee very respectfully and beside that offers also an excellent environment to achieve even your personal goals. It is easy to find the balance between your personal and professional goals.

Raul-Rares Sabau

Project Manager & Local Unit Manager

I joined UNIQA in 2014, coming from the banking industry.

I found a great place, with amazing people, that supported me in developing my skills and knowledge.

The people at USS are brave, and always willing to learn and try out new things, this way, we can all grow together.

Of course, there were good times and bad, but life is so much better when you know you are part of such an awesome team, that is there for you.

Ovidiu Buhutan

Bussiness Analyst

I would describe USS as the workplace where you can achieve freedom. If you want to focus solely on your role and career, you can do that and you will be supported in becoming the best at it through training, workshops and mentorship. That’s not the only option though. You are also free and even encouraged to get involved in other areas of the business, should you consider the first option to be mundane. I have personally enjoyed being a Release Manager and now a Business Analyst, all the while getting involved in areas such as Marketing, Employer Branding, Events Planning or organizing the annual Internship.

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